Why do I need the shuttle and why must I submit the form to request it? – Pilgrimage 2021

The shuttle is provided to enable you to arrive at the step-off location, to begin the pilgrimage, so that at the end of the pilgrimage you can recover your vehicle at the destination shrine, instead of finding your own way back to the starting-point.

You must submit the form to organizers even if you assume you will not need to use the shuttle service it arranges.

In other words, to obtain the help of organizers and to plan with them to arrive at the step-off location Thursday, September 23, and in order also to be reunited with your vehicle after Mass or return to your PT port, Sunday (or Monday), you must submit this form no later than September 19 (in 2021).

In the event you use public transportation (via air or bus), organizers will shuttle you from the respective PT terminal Thursday to the step-off location or to your lodgings nearby, and back to your PT terminal on Sunday (or Monday). For that, you also must submit the same form.

The organizer in charge of the shuttle & responsible to answer all transportation questions can help you — at your request — to form a car-pool: but only after you submit the same form.

In every case, ‘plain-vanilla pilgrims’ & pilgrim-organizers need to plan, together, in advance.

Submitting the shuttle request facilitates your transportation Thursday, September 23, from the arrival parking lot (to be determined) in Allentown to early-bird check-in at step-off location, and again Friday morning, September 24, from motel to the rendezvous point with your brigade at the step-off location.

Submit the form only after registering & submitting the fee.

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