Further explanation for volunteers applying to serve on Pilgrimage

(The following explanation continues the “explanation” at the bottom of the application webform for volunteers, found here.)

Please pre-register or register as soon as possible.

As is the long-standing custom in imitation of the zeal of the Martyrs to save souls, all volunteers are expected each year to invite at least one prospective pilgrim to join the organization.

Alternately, every volunteer expecting not to return to service in the field come September is asked to identify his/her prospective (potential) replacement.

Until a volunteer registers, other organizers are not permitted to plan with him/her in preparations for the pilgrimage.

All volunteers are to keep a copy of the letter of St. Isaac Jogues to his Jesuit superior explaining the life and martyrdom of St. René. Since volunteers are to seek to live the spirit of the Martyrs, each is expected to study the letter of St. Isaac.

Click here to return to the volunteers’ application webform, at http://national-coalition.org/w/volunteer-application/ .

Volunteers who apply (only) to the Company of St. René Goupîl & who register before May 1 are asked to give a donation of $50 in lieu of the registration fee. A CSRGer’s application and/or registration received after May 1 must be accompanied by the regular registration fee.

For more information e-mail:

Brady Adams, Vice-Director for Recruitment

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

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