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Shuttle Request – 2022

Why do I need to submit this form?   Click here for the answer.

Only one request for transportation is needed per vehicle, provided you list all adult pilgrims in your party on this form.

FULL name – Last & First
Select State or Province — or “OTHER” at end of list.
If none, enter zeros.
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Confirm your e-mail address.
‘Modified pilgrims’, who drive directly to Lake George and keep their vehicles throughout, check here .

For families (ONLY) opting to bring an RV, camper or full-size van to transport the family between camps & to provide sleeping quarters, parking the vehicle on campground property incurs a fee, after registration, payable to the camps. Camps offer a few small log cabins for families to rent, also for an additional fee. Contact the manager/owner directly. day-1 Susan Dugan, Assistant Mgr Alpine Lake RV Resort or 518-654-6260 / day-2 Bob Stead, owner Pop’s Lake Campground or 518-883-8678

Enter driver’s e-mail address.
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You must choose one option only in each green section, I. and II., below.

I.   To arrive Thursday at the Pilgrimage starting point, my party’s driver or I shall:
      (check one option only)

Drive first to Lake George Village Thursday, drop off passengers & gear; then drive alone to the parking lot behind the Coliseum church at the Auriesville shrine, expecting to arrive at (e.g., 1:30 p.m.).
My party’s driver (or I) requests the shuttle back to Lake George Village.
Drive alone directly to the parking lot behind the Coliseum church at the Auriesville shrine Thursday, expecting to arrive there at (e.g., 1:30 p.m.).
I request the shuttle to Lake George Village, my gear in tow.

Drive directly to Lake George Village and leave our/my vehicle there until Sunday.

Choose this option if someone not participating drops you off Thursday & picks you up Sunday.

Pilgrim-organizers using their vehicles throughout the events also choose this option.

Nota bene: organizers provide NO transportation back to the Lake on Sunday.

Arrive Thursday at (e.g., 1:30 p.m.)  
via .
I request the pilgrimage shuttle from  

Before booking flights, bus or train, pilgrims must contact the R.O. (responsible officer) for the shuttle, Dennis Mitchell, to confirm arrival and departure times, only if arriving in the Albany metro-region after 9:00 p.m. Thursday or departing Sunday before 7:00 p.m.

II.  On Friday morning, my party & I shall need:
      (check one option only)

Transportation for pilgrims from  
to check-in and the rendezvous point at Million Dollar Beach parking lot.
No transportation to check-in at the rendezvous point in the Million Dollar Beach parking lot.

This option is for pilgrims camping at Lake George Battleground Campground, or for pilgrims participating in the ‘Modified Events’ who are staying at local motels and keeping their own vehicles.

Please also note:

1. The Transportation-Team cannot promise shuttle service to any pilgrim failing to return this request, nor guarantee to finalize arrangements for requests received after September 15.

2. Pilgrims will not be able to retrieve their vehicles at end of pilgrimage without requesting this service.

3.  Questions about your shuttle plans?  E-mail Dennis Mitchell – BUT ONLY AFTER SUBMITTING THE SHUTTLE REQUEST.

4.  Information you provide with this request may also help form car-pools for those needing rides to the region.  Subscribe to the pilgrimage  bulletin board to arrange rides with other pilgrims.