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Catasauqua, PA — In a recent letter to the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity, Archbishop Stephan Sulyk, Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Province of Philadelphia, reaffirmed his opposition to classroom sex education. Richard J. Lloyd, Vice-President of NCCL, stated that in his letter to the group, Archbishop Sulyk declared that he “remains committed to the traditional teaching of the Church that sex education falls within the domain of parental responsibility.”

The Ukrainian Province of Philadelphia includes the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the District of Columbia and the States of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. In addition to heading the Province, Archbishop Sulyk is the Metropolitan for all Ukrainian Catholics in the United States.

“We in NCCL are elated to be recipient of Archbishop Sulyk’s clear and very exacting position on classroom sex education,” Lloyd said. “Additionally we are delighted to learn that there is no classroom sex education in the Province.

“We became aware of the position of the leading Ukrainian Archbishop in the United States as a result of our asking him to place a ban on classroom sex education. The answer actually was transmitted in a letter dated October 4th, 1989 to us from Monsignor Michael Fedorowich, Vicar General. Naturally, it is our deepest hope that Archbishop Sulyk’s brother Ukrainian bishops will join him in his wonderful statement.

“We have mentioned so many times that a genuine Catholic Restoration will never commence until there is a total ban on classroom sex education under whatever guise it may appear. Such programs are intrinsically evil and can never meet the Church’s criteria for instruction of the young.”

Randy Engel, a member of NCCL’s Advisory Panel, was grateful to learn of Archbishop Sulyk’s position. “Thank God for what the Archbishop has done,” she said. “Perhaps because of the great suffering experienced by the Ukrainians in other parts of the world, God has spared them from this modern day plague. Hopefully Archbishop Sulyk’s statement will draw the Latin Rite bishops’ attention to the deeply rooted anti-life history of the sex education movement which specifically contradicts Church teachings related to human sexuality, marriage and family. Only those who are totally ignorant of the anti-life nature and objectives of classroom sex education - or who have lost the Faith, can fail to appreciate the moral gravity of the scandal of such programs, and the implications for the future of the Catholic Church,” Mrs. Engel concluded.

Lloyd said he hoped Church leaders would meditate on the wisdom of Archbishop Sulyk’s statement. “We are deeply indebted to him for it.”

Lloyd noted the NCCL’s document entitled, The Virtue of Chastity and the Sexual Revolution in the United States has had “tremendous reception throughout the country. In a forceful foreword to the book, the Ukrainian Church’s leading prelate, Myroslav Ivan Cardinal Lubachivsky, who resides in Rome, writes ‘I do fully approve the book.’ It’s reassuring to observe that two of the world’s leading Ukrainian prelates are with us on this most serious issue.”

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