Reprinted from The Wanderer

March 8, 1990

CATASAUQUA, Pa. - Myroslav Ivan Cardinal Lubachivsky, Archbishop Major and Metropolitan of all Ukrainian Catholics in the world, has endorsed a universal ban on classroom sex education. In a letter dated February 19th to Richard J. Lloyd, Vice-President of the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity (NCCL), Cardinal Lubachivsky wrote:

“I was happy to meet with you in Rome to discuss the ban on classroom sex education, and want to relate the following facts to you:

“1) Consistent with the traditional teaching of the Magisterium, I am in favor of a universal ban on classroom sex education.

“2) Please continue to work with Archbishop Sulyk, Bishop Lotocky, Bishop Losten, and Bishop Moskal, who, as you well know, are also totally in agreement with the teaching of the Church on this vital subject.

“3) NCCL should continue to protect the innocence of children by working for a universal ban on classroom sex education.”

Lloyd was enthusiastic after returning from his 10th trip to Rome in as many years. In a statement released here in mid-February, Lloyd declared that “our major objective as we enter the 1990's is to work to see that there is a ban on the teaching of classroom sex education in every diocese in the United States and throughout the world.

“During our visit we had numerous meetings with Church officials and were reassured repeatedly that the prohibition on classroom sex education promulgated by Pope Pius XI in his great encyclical on the Christian Education of Youth is still in effect as is the decree of the Holy Office dated March 21st, 1931. Thus the thousands of sex education classes throughout the U.S. have no sanction from the Church's Magisterium.

“At our meetings in the Vatican, NCCL's position in regard to classroom sex education was made extremely clear. Discussion also ensued about why classroom sex education is so evil and why it is extremely difficult and almost impossible for a child to be chaste after being exposed to it. Many of those with whom we spoke in the Vatican clearly understood that the Church in educating children at the elementary and secondary school levels with regard to sexual morality has constantly done so within the framework of the regular religion class, and has not attempted to isolate the teaching of sexual morality as is often the case with such programs popularly known as ‘abstinence education’ or ‘chastity education’.”

Lloyd said also that Randy Engel's book Sex Education - The Final Plague had received favorable comment from a number of Vatican officials. Mrs. Engel's book is now in print, after having first been serialized in The Wanderer.

Lloyd concluded, “I brought to the attention of the officials the ground swell for a total ban on classroom sex education in the U. S., and mentioned there are currently 31 groups who are asking for a total ban.”

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