Sample Letter of Exemption
from Public Sex-Instruction

Note well: the following letter is normally to be used after speaking to the teacher and/or principal, that is after you have verbally directed them that your child[ren] will not be attending the sex-ed class, event et cetera. Use the following letter to formulate your directive when speaking with the teacher, et al.

From experience we have found it best to use the following expressions and method -- though, of course, you may well have to adapt it to your particular circumstances. Note, then, that what you write is very nearly identical to what you say. The general rule stands: “Say little and write even less.”

Take the moral ‘high-ground’, and keep to it: It is the parents who are the prime authorities in the education of their own children. There is no need to descend from your ‘high ground’. (If you do, you relinquish your chief advantage.) Sticking to this ground and declining to budge, waiver or ‘dialogue’ lets you set the terms, as is just.

There is no reason to resort to arguing, objecting, remonstrating with the school officials, demonstrating the errors of a certain program, or the like. A parent (the father, foremost) needs simply inform -- firmly if necessary -- that he does not wish to delegate to the school his responsibility for the formation of his children in purity of morals or sexual matters. Note also, that the following outline does not ask anyone’s “permission” to protect your children. One does not need permission to do one’s duty. Simply inform of your decision.

Secure your own children from the danger; it’s only after you successfully get them out of the ‘line of fire’ that you can then help other parents.

For more help, contact the National Coalition of Clergy & Laity and ask for details. Ask for the “Supplement to NCCL NEWSNOTES, vol. 3 no. 2”. tel (610) 435-2634 • 610/4352-2734 fax

621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA


Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Sr./Fr./ Teacher, Principal, or to whomever it may concern:

This note is to confirm our conversation of [DATE] about the school’s [FAMILY LIFE, HUMAN SEXUALITY, et cetera] [COURSE, PROGRAM, EVENT et cetera] and the attendance of our child[ren] in it. Thank you for speaking.

As explained, my spouse and I do not find it necessary or opportune to avail ourselves of the school’s assistance in the formation of our child[ren] in sexual matters, and reiterate that our child[ren] [INCLUDE NAME(S)] shall not attend or participate in the [NAME OF COURSE, PROGRAM, EVENT, LECTURE, “FAMILY LIFE” SESSION or CLASS et cetera], or in any program, event, lecture or discussion in which sex or sexuality is the theme or a topic (regardless of whether introduced by teacher or pupils).

We are of course willing and shall be happy to discuss where in the school our child[ren] should study while not attending the class. We shall provide [HIM, HER, THEM] with catechetical materials to read and study during such time, in which we shall also instruct and test them regularly.*

Should you have any questions or otherwise need to speak, please feel free to contact us as soon as practicable. Thanks once again.


W.E.R. The Parents

* Doing such is essential. Phone NCCL for an explanation.

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