Why the Emphasis on Classroom Sex-Education?

More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” Our Lady of Fatima

Classroom sex-ed is objectively gravely evil. It is a perverse method of instruction which makes public and open those things which by nature are private, intimate or shameful. Classroom sex-ed leads children to sin.

There is hardly a family in the western world not endangered by this plague. After years of a ‘sexual catechesis’ substituting for Faith and morals, Catholics are seeing the evil effects of classroom sex-education, and realizing that without pure children, hope of a genuine Catholic restoration is illusory.

Unfortunately, the enemies of the Church understand the issue all too well. When asked after Roe vs. Wade how abortion could be made secure in America, Allan Guttmacher, former president of Planned Parenthood, responded: “SEX-EDUCATION.”


The hour is late, but with God’s help -- and your cooperation -- there is still hope. Supporting the magisterium of the Church, working for a universal ban on classroom sex-ed and advancing the teachings of the Church are huge tasks. That’s why we all need to

pray, fast, give alms
and get actively involved

Won’t you work with us to help protect the innocence of children? Contact NCCL today. Ask yourself: “If I don’t become involved, who will?”

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