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Pilgrimage – without the travel & sponsorship form

See the explanation below to participate in the spiritual exercise from home or parish – without traveling to the destination shrine – and to obtain a plenary indulgence.

Use this form to request prayers, sponsor a pilgrim, or participate from home.

I wish to join in the pilgrimage from afar.

For years the Pilgrimage’s material obligations (~ $35,000) have far exceed the fees collected from registered pilgrims. NCCL typically grants, in discounted fees alone, more than double the amount of fees collected. Only thanks to the charity of sponsors and other generous benefactors can needy pilgrims participate and the apostolate make up the customary shortfall.

You can participate in the pilgrimage from afar, combine your charity to the apostolate’s, and advance the needed Catholic restoration in North America by giving ‘alms for palms‘. *

Please be generous.

* “palmer” – a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land, palm branches in hand
“alms” – money or goods given as an act of charity

Some expenses:

  • $3,500 water
  • $2,750 food
  • $3,500 transport
  • $1,200 insurance
  • $5,500 camps
  • $4,500 stipends
  • $6,500 mobile toilets

NCCL is an apostolate, a charity and non-profit in the strict sense, relying on God to move benefactors like you to give freely and generously of your collaborations & alms. NCCL receives no gifts, grants, subsidies or miscellaneous support from other institutions.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Capitalize first letter of Surname.
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For instance, $110 sponsors a pilgrim all 3 days of pilgrimage.

Please pray for the following person(s)

Here are some ways to help pilgrims with the material support they need:


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It is not necessary to sponsor a pilgrim materially in order to participate from afar or to request prayers.

To participate in this spiritual exercise from home or parish – without traveling to the destination shrine – and to obtain a plenary indulgence, pilgrims can do the following:

  1. Form an intention and unite yourself spiritually with the other pilgrims. An intention is one’s reason for making pilgrimage: an act of love, gratitude, sacrifice (e.g., reparation for sins) you wish to offer Our Lord & Saviour, coupled with a favor or grace you ask to obtain from Him – e.g., cure of the sick, conversion of a sinner, peace in family, release of souls from purgatory, knowledge of vocation or duties of life & resolve to persevere.
  2. Pray (e.g.,the Holy Rosary) for the intentions of our Holy Father, the Pope.
  3. Receive Holy Communion worthily during the days of the pilgrimage, and confess within 8 days of Communion.
  4. Renounce all attachment to sin, even venial.
  5. Pray for your fellow pilgrims. You may use the novena (here) or the Act of Consecration to Jesus through Mary that appears here or on the thank-you page which opens when you submit this form.