Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

A.D. 2014

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RENDEZVOUS points & times
  1. Brigades reform Friday, 19 September, 5:45 A.M.

    Day-one rendezvous for all pilgrims falls again this year on a Friday. It takes place as usual on the southernmost shore of the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (aka Lake George) in the Lake George Battleground Park at 05:45 in the "Million Dollar Beach" parking lot.

    Pilgrims are strongly urged to register in advance.

    Each and every pilgrim must check-in with organizers once they arrive on site, whether Thursday evening as an 'early-bird' or early Friday morning as a 'late-comer'.

  2. Early-Bird Check-in, Thursday September 18

  3. Early-bird Shuttle-Service
  4. Fees for procrastinators and late-comers

    • Registrations postmarked after June 1 are not eligible for discounts.

    • Registrations postmarked after July 1 cost $110/pilgrim.

    • Registrations postmarked after August 1 cost $125/pilgrim

    • .Registrations postmarked after September 1 and all 'walk-ons' cost $150/pilgrim.

  5. Last minute check-in Friday morning for LATE-COMERS, 05:45

    AND rendezvous for EVERY PILGRIM, 05:45

    "Million Dollar Beach" parking lot** - Lake of the Blessed Sacrament

    • Pilgrims who have not checked-in Thursday but who have already registered online or by mail must quickly check-in with organizers, turn over all gear, and then join their brigades.

    • Pilgrims who have not registered in advance, called "walk-ons", register at $150/pilgrim, then check-in, etc. at the same location.

    • ALL pilgrims join up with their brigades, which are called to the standard at 06:30 in the same parking lot.

    Holy Mass begins 7:15 A.M. at the monument of St. Isaac Jogues - followed by breakfast, prayers & step-off.


    * Click
    here for directions to Our Lady's Shrine of Martyrs, Auriesville NY.

    * Click here for directions to the Lake George Battleground Campground and the monument to St. Isaac Jogues at the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (aka Lake George Village, NY).

    ** Click here for directions to the "Million Dollar Beach" parking lot at Lake George Battleground Park, or here to Cramer's Point Motel.

    Only after you have registered, then e-mail the Pilgrimage Director for directions to day-1 or day-2 camp for those joining the pilgrimage underway.

    Kateri Shrine

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