Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

A.D. 2014

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Modified Pilgrimage

The term "modified" refers to the way in which families with children younger than 12 years of age and, in addition, some seniors participate in more than one day of pilgrimage.

Since mothers & fathers with little children cannot possibly do as much walking as other pilgrims, the families spend the greater portion of their days in camp — praying, singing, learning catechism, playing, etc.

They are throughout organized in a distinct brigade (or more than one, as needed), praying together at Holy Mass and walking together when with the rest of the column. Special arrangements for their transportation and bivouacs are provided by the Director of the Modified Division and his associates, along with the Company of St. René Goupil.

A "brigade" is a group of 15-35 pilgrims who form their own unit/body throughout the pilgrimage, under the direction of a lay leader called a "brigadier", and organized by him for the purpose of enhancing prayer, song and fellowship. One could think of the relation of the brigade to the rest of the pilgrimage, by way of analogy, as a ‘parish within a diocese’.

"Brigades" are the exact equivalent of "chapters" in our French inspiration and counterpart, the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Chartres.

If you have more questions, see the webpage called "Frequently Asked Questions". Feel free also to e-mail or to phone the National Coalition at 610/435-2634.

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