Schedule in Detail

Pilgrimage for Restoration 2014

to the Shrine of Our Lady's Martyrs

Auriesville, New York

Friday, September 19 - Sunday, September 21

All times shown below subject to confirmation and update by organizers.

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Thursday, September 18

15:00 - 23:00 Shuttling of pilgrims commences from cafeteria parking lot of the Auriesville Shrine, to Lake of the Blessed Sacrament: pilgrims' lodgings/accommodations in Lake George Village. Service is provided so that all pilgrims may retrieve their vehicles at the end of the Pilgrimage.

16:30 - 19:15 (nightfall) Early-bird check-in at the Lake George Battleground Campground

20:00 - 22:30 Early-bird check-in moves to and resumes at Cramer's Point Motel and Cottages, in the courtyard

Day-one: Friday, September 19

05:00 Shuttling of pilgrims commences from lodgings/motels to Million Dollar Beach lot

05:45 rendezvous for all pilgrims, final check-in opportunity, and last-minute walk-on registration: Lake George Million Dollar Beach public parking lot, Lake George Battleground Park

06:30 Brigadiers call all pilgrims "to the standard!" - brigades reform

07:15 Holy Mass: St. Isaac Jogues’ monument

approx. 08:45 breakfast

09:15 welcome - and a word about brigade-life, etc.

09:30 prayers, and step-off

18:00 arrival, bivouac

18:15 supper-time

20:30 lights out

Day-two: Saturday, September 20

04:45 wake-up call

05:30 Holy Mass

06:45 breakfast

07:15 step-off

18:15 arrival, bivouac

18:30 supper-time

20:15 talent show

21:30 lights out

Day-three: Sunday, September 21

04:45 wake-up call

05:30 breakfast

06:15 step-off

12:00 lunch and rendezvous with newcomer pilgrims. Click here for driving directions to the rendezvous point from the Shrine at Auriesville, and back again. (Click here for the walking directions from lunch to Auriesville Shrine.) NO STROLLERS permitted to join up at the lunchtime rendezvous.

14:00 rendezvous with newcomer pilgrims: 'the ambulatory elderly' and 'the stroller brigades' are most welcome to join the last stretch. Click here to see walking directions from the Shrine, along the Canalway bike path, to the rendezvous point just south of Ft. Hunter, and back to the Shrine for the final Mass.

CLICK HERE for instructions to Sunday's newcomers, explaining what they need to know to particpate.

15:00 arrival, Our Lady's Shrine of the Martyrs, Auriesville

15:15 Holy Mass, Martyrs' [screened pavilion] Chapel, Auriesville   [Nota bene: holy Mass is not in the Coliseum church this year.]

Monday, September 22


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