Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

A.D. 2014

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Equipment - more than 1 day

Modest clothing & sturdy footwear for walking (mostly) on macadam & gravel or stones: also through some wooded paths and in a few short spots over unpaved back-roads.  Trousers/skirts (no shorts) and well broken-in walking shoes or sturdy sneakers are a must -- water-proofed footwear is optimal.

Other essentials include:

a small backpack to carry throughout, containing:

» your lunch for the day & revitalizing beverage (e.g., gatorade) - bottled spring water is supplied
» revitalizing snacks - dried fruit, chocolate bars, nuts, cheese etc.
» a light coat, warm jacket, or pullover
» a poncho to protect from rain
» a hat to protect from sun/rain
» band-aids, simple medication for blisters, headaches & muscle pain, medicated foot powder, moleskin
» pilgrim's booklet - supplied, containing hymns & prayers
» a Rosary

one-only larger bag (weight limit 30 lbs.) transported by the Company of St. René, and retrievable at bivouacs, containing:

» food reserves (your additional meals & drinks)
» a sturdy cup & spoon for tea/coffee/soup/instant hot breakfast cereal
» a reliable flashlight 
» changes of clothes - kept throughout in water-proof packing. Socks such as Thorlos®, CoolMax®, Smart-Wool® strongly recommended; cotton socks not advised
» light shoes - for the evening
» toilet paper & toiletries
» night clothes (in water-proof packing) & bug repellent 
» sleeping bag - kept in water-proof sack throughout, and thick ground sheet

personal tent - If you do not have one, or cannot afford to buy or rent one, please ask a friend or relative to loan one to you. If you still cannot aquire one, don't worry: no one has ever been left out in the cold -- or 'turned away from the inn'.

Each pilgrim is reponsible to keep dry all his own gear, but especially sleeping bag & personal clothing - even inside his larger bag - by wrapping such gear etc. in water-proof packing throughout the pilgrimage.

When it rains, it has been known to pour.

Pilgrims bringing more than essentials must arrange to transport their extra baggage themselves, or leave it in their vehicles.  There is a 30 lbs. max. one-only bag limit (not including separate sacks for tent or sleeping bag).

Pilgrims dressing immodestly may be asked by the Priest-Chaplains, the Director or his/their delegates to dress modestly.  See the FAQs for norms.

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