Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

September 19-21
2014 A. D.

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Bivouacs & food provisions

Pilgrims must make their own provisions for nine cold meals to picnic: three each day, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Organizers supply bottled water throughout, and supplement meals with hot soup & bread in the evening and hot water & bread with jam at breakfast.

Pilgrims supply their own powdered coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags, instant hot breakfast cereal, as well as cups, plates, bowls, spoons et cetera at each meal.

Company of St. René Goupîl volunteers help prepare bivouacs along the way. Pilgrims assist one another -- especially the women & children -- to pitch tents.

Friday and Saturday’s privately owned sites are equipped with running water, toilets, a few showers and wash basins, with remote electrical supply only.

Pilgrim families or/and seniors participating in the "Modified Pilgrimage" may park RVs at each private campsite for an additional fee paid directly to the campsite owners on location.

Pilgrims may no longer camp at the Auriesville Shrine. Pilgrims staying overnight in the area make reservations at local lodgings.

Pilgrims seeking to bunk-down at the Kateri Shrine in Fonda in the retreat house or the Longhouse might think twice about identifing oneself to personnel there as taking part in the Pilgrimage for Restoration. Since the death in October 2010 of Director Fr. Kevin Kenny, OFM Conv. (requiescat in pace) "your kind is not wanted [t]here". [sic]

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