September 4, 1997

His Beatitude Miroslav-Ivan Cardinal Lubachivsky

Archbishop Major of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Ukrainian Catholic Patriarchate

Saint George Square, 5

290000 L’viv, UKRAINE

Your Beatitude,

Slava Isusu Xristu!

It is with fondest memories of the kindness You showed to me during our several meetings in Rome that I write again. My collegues, countless faithful and I shall remain ever grateful to You for the pastoral solicitude expressed in the important communications which You sent to our apostolate (NCCL). You can be assured that You will always have a very special place in our prayers.

Your words and instructions have offered invaluable assistance in our efforts to assist the faithful to practice authentic Catholicism in these trying times. The Coalition has been blessed with significant expansion of our efforts since we last met. Our Directors and staff are in touch with Catholics across North America and abroad six days per week.

We welcome the Instruction for Applying the Liturgical Prescriptions of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches as we would any instruction of our Fathers which conveys the intention of assisting the faithful to strive for holiness and to increase in charity.

At the same time, we wish to bring to Your attention certain conditions in North America which may seriously interfere with a correct, prudent and fruitful application of the Instruction.

We therefore, after careful study of the Instruction, humbly submit to You and to the Fathers of the Synod a letter and attached points with the hope that they will assist Your Beatitude in exercising the pastoral discipline required of You as Archpastor and Father of all the Ukrainian Catholic faithful in the application of the Instruction.

Once again, we assure Your Beatitude of our very best wishes and our continued prayers.

Slava na viki Bohu!

Richard J. Lloyd

cc: His Grace, Bishop Lubomyr Husar


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