Statement of Purpose

NCCL is an apostolate of priests, religious and laity, dedicated to Catholic restoration. We are Catholics with close ties to grassroots Catholic movements organized nationally and abroad to advance the mission of the magisterium of the Church, and to support the Holy Father as Vicar of Christ on earth.

For more than three decades the Coalition has assisted Catholics -- in concrete, practical ways -- to persevere in the Catholic Faith, practice true devotion to Mary and strive for holiness in these troubled times. NCCL counsels and cooperates with Catholics from different countries, in all walks of life.

NCCL works to have the teachings of the magisterium applied authentically to Catholic schools and parishes. The Coalition holds the no-compromise line against the trend to ‘accommodate’ or ‘update’ the Church to the world and its modern opinions and practices.

A critical part of NCCL’s unique modus operandi is to address root causes of the present crisis, not merely symptoms. Rather than train ‘conservative fire fighters’ to put out ‘liberal fires’ faster than they can start, the apostolate helps Catholics learn to live according to the Light of the Fire within.

For the ordeal which the Church is undergoing can be ended only by a return of, and to, the principles which make her continuous and everlasting.

Dedication to action for a complete restoration means NCCL offers an array of services to groups and individuals, such as:

The list goes on, but you get the picture -- the Coalition is an ‘international office’ of action.

May the Lord preserve our Holy Father, Benedict XVI.
May He give him life and protect him in this life, and reserve for him the reward of the just.
Dedicated to action for a
genuine Catholic Restoration