Operation Mission Stipends form

online or download

There are now two options to request holy Masses/Divine Liturgies:

1.  Print out & return the request form (below) via post or e-mail.

2.  Click here to submit the form online.

After sending in the requests online or by mail,
it is possible to submit stipends online using PayPal.com
even if you do not have a PayPal account.
Simply follow the prompts after submitting the form.


Click on the link below to have at your fingertips all the info you need
to request a traditional Divine Liturgy (holy Mass) on two easy-to-print pages.

Everything you need-to-know to request Masses and send your intentions to missionaries - PDF

Nota bene: NCCL sends 100% of every stipend for each Mass to the missionaries.

Print the two pages of the form back-to-back, and then simply fold, tape and mail it as a self-addressed envelope.

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