Pre-registration – Pilgrimage 2012



Who should use this form?

1.  Use this form to pre-register yourself — or yourself, for your family.
2.  Use this form to pre-register yourself if you are not yet sure you can make pilgrimage, but wish to (help organizers, too) get a jump on preparations.
3.  Use this form to secure the $80 registration fee until July 1 by submitting the ‘pre-fee’.
4. Use this form if you are finding it difficult to pay the full fee (before or after discounts expire July 1), and will beg the charity of family & friends to sponsor you with the remainder of the fee, with alms for palms“.

See additional reasons listed below.

Nota bene, after July 1 organizers ask you please to submit a minimum pre-fee of $90, then to pledge to make up the difference by begging family & friends to sponsor you.

Pilgrimage 2013 is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, September 20-22.

All fields marked * are required.

No soul or family is turned away from the pilgrimage for want of the fee.

Finding it too hard or impossible to pay the fee?

Ask the charity of family, friends, or/and parishioners to assist you as fellow Christians have always done. (See alms for palms). They can sponsor you by name when donating on this page.

Still experiencing hardship? Plead your case in an e-mail to the Pilgrimage Director. Or by phone 610/435-2634.

Every year the Pilgrimage's material obligations (~ $15,000) far exceed the fees collected from registered pilgrims. NCCL typically grants, in discounted fees alone, more than double the amount of fees collected. Only thanks to the charity of sponsors and other generous benefactors can needy pilgrims participate and the apostolate make up the customary $6-7,000 shortfall.

Benefactors can participate in the pilgrimage from afar, combine their charity to the apostolate's, and advance the needed Catholic restoration in North America by giving 'alms for palms'. *

Please pass along this page, and ask them to be generous.

Ad majoram Dei gloriam!

* “palmer” - a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land, palm branches in hand
“alms” - money or goods given as an act of charity

Sample expenses:

  • $850 water
  • $600 food
  • $1,850 transport
  • $1,250 insurance
  • $900 camps
  • $1,750 stipends
  • $1,450 mobile toilets

NCCL is an apostolate, a charity and non-profit in the strict sense, relying on God to move benefactors like you to give freely and generously of your collaborations & alms. NCCL receives no gifts, grants, subsidies or miscellaneous support from other institutions.

(middle initial optional)
Enter zeros if you do not have a cellular phone.


Notes about pre-registering and the non-refundable fee

1. The pre-registration fee ($35 minimum after May 15) is freely given, and is applied as down-payment to final registration, no matter if availing of the early registration discount or a later, additional fee (beginning July 1).

2. The pre-registration fee is not refundable.

3. If it is not applied to final registration, the fee automatically becomes a donation to the NCCL apostolate.

4. Pilgrims who intend not to walk but to pray or/and to support to their brigade in some other way, may and should also use this form.

5. New and returning members of the Company of St. René Goupil may also pre-register using this form, then to apply/re-apply to the CSRG.

6. Only after pre-registering or registering is your brigadier or CSRG supervisor permitted to commence collaborations with you.

Declaration of (NON-binding) intention

full name of pilgrim

total fee $80 - balance due, postmarked by July 1

All discounts expire June 1, 2012 (See this page for family rates.)
total fee $100 if final registration is postmarked after July 1
total fee $120 if postmarked after August 1
total fee $150 if postmarked after September 1 or at 'walk-on'

The pre-registration fee is paid on the following page, via PayPal, after submitting the registration.
Alternately, you may mail the fee, payable to NCCL, 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA. Please mail with your check a copy of the confirmation you will receive by e-mail after clicking the submit button below.


You can submit the fee by mail or via PayPal after clicking the submit button.

What are the ways a pilgrim can participate in Pilgrimage 2013 by pre-registering with this form?

1. Fold your hands in prayer for pilgrims.
2. Lend an helping-hand to your brigade in preparation for pilgrimage, or/and ‘in the field’.
3. Join the Company of St. René Goupil volunteers and help the pilgrims at large.
4. Sponsor a pilgrim or a brigade with alms.
5. Pray, prepare, and pace with a brigade ‘in the field’.

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