Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

A.D. 2014

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Calling all volunteers!

The Company of St. René provides for the material needs of pilgrims: baggage & personnel transport, Mass & campsite set-up, first aid, food & water service, port-a-johns, communications, routes and safety.

For questions about the CSRG's I. Dept. - Liturgical Prep, contact Dept. Chief Walt Zajac by telephone at 443/275-3538 or via e-mail.

For questions about the CSRG's II. Dept. - Logistics, contact Executive Officer (X.O.) Tom Roehrig  by telephone at 920/639-5164 or via e-mail.

Volunteers who apply and register by May 1 are asked to give a donation of $40 in lieu of the registration fee; alternately, they may register gratis.  Every application is subject to acceptance.

A CSRG application and/or registration received after May 1 must be accompanied by the regular registration fee.
$95 after May 1; $110 after July 1; $125 after August 1; $150 after September 1.

Due to technical mishaps, the deadline for CSRGers to register gratis for Pilgrimage 2014 has been extended to May 24.

Other conditions also apply:

Every volunteer must register, whether online or by mail.

Until a volunteer registers, other organizers are not permitted to plan with him/her in preparations for the Pilgrimage.

Each returning volunteer is expected to re-apply to the CSRG, and submit his or her registration no later than May 1.

First-time volunteers must register & submit application by June 1.  A first-timer may register gratis only by submitting the application & registration by May 1. Membership in the Company is subject to acceptance of the application.

Since members of the Company are to seek to live the spirit of their Blessed Patron, each is expected to study the letter of St. Isaac Jogues, written to his superiors as an account of St. René Goupil's martyrdom. Download a copy of the letter here.

See also the Company blog.
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