Nineteenth Annual

Pilgrimage for Restoration

A.D. 2014

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Prayer during the Pilgrimage

Pilgrims of all ages walk in `brigades' (groups of 15 to 35), under a patron saint. Brigades are formed by laymen who sing hymns, direct meditations, recite the holy Rosary and other prayers. Pilgrims live according to the mandate of Our Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost - friendship & prayer sustaining each pilgrim on his spiritual way.

Clerics & religious lead and accompany the pilgrims along the way. Priests hear confessions, give private spiritual counsel, direct meditations, and teach.

In these 358 words the attentive reader will come to know the spirit & mission of pilgrims for restoration: i.e., the 'spiritual DNA of the Thirteenth Apostle', and why he remains ever linked to the First Among Them.

The sacred liturgy of the 1962 Roman missal is prayed each day in accord with Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum. Glorious instrument of prayer, the traditional Roman liturgy stresses the universal character of the Church. Holy Mass in the forma extraordinaria is celebrated in a most solemn manner at the crowning Mass on Sunday -- this year (2013) under the Martyrs' Chapel [screened pavilion] in Auriesville.

Can't travel to make pilgrimage? Pilgrims will remember you in prayer en route, and you can pray for them while making pilgrimage from your home or parish.

Click here to learn how to obtain a plenary indulgence from your home, to sponsor a pilgrim, or to request prayers.

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